No two patients are alike, no two injuries are the same and there is no one treatment that best suits every patient or condition. That’s why we have been trained in and utilize a variety of chiropractic techniques to treat our patients.

The time-tested “traditional” techniques such as Manual/Diversified are a staple in our practice and meet the needs for many of our patients. But for others these treatments may not be wanted or appropriate. Those patients that have been in accidents, have a sports injury, are pregnant, pediatric, anxious, a senior, or are pre- or post-surgical may need other treatment options. These techniques include Mechanical/Activator, Automated Instrumental, Vibratory, Table-Assisted, Gentle and even Logan Basic for newborns.

It’s all about our patients, their needs and their body, and by understanding this and by combining a variety of techniques with the extensive therapies, modalities and rehabilitation we offer, our patients experience an overwhelming positive response to the treatments.