As chiropractic physicians, the doctors at Navarre Chiropractic Center are accustomed to treating the sprains, strains, and injuries that accompany an active lifestyle. We also successfully treat the following conditions where chiropractic, massage, rehabilitation, and acupuncture excel.

Structural Dysfunction

• Spinal Extremity Misalignment
• Muscle Deficiencies
• Cross Muscle Pattern Syndrome
• Balance
• Pain Medication Addictions
• Gait Irregularities

Nerve Impingement

• Sciatica
• Brachial Plexus Syndrome

Injuries and Pain

• Auto Injuries
• Sports Injuries
• Sprains
• Strains
• Acute and Chronic Pain
• Muscle and Joint Pain
• Headaches
• Migraines
• Weakness

Back Pain – Mid and Lower

Our backs are not keeping up with our pace and lifestyle. More than 80% of us will suffer from back pain and it’s the number one cause of disability in those between the ages of 19-45.
Research has shown that most back issues, especially those in the lower back, which lead to back pain do not fix themselves without proper treatment and rehabilitation.
In dealing with your back pain you have three clear choices.
• You can do nothing and watch as your back gets worse and more painful.
• You can treat the pain, which is a temporary fix only, and your back will continue to get worse and more painful.
• You can treat the cause of the pain and give yourself a better lifestyle for both the short and the long run.

This is where Chiropractic comes in. Chiropractors, unlike any other health care providers, receive more training specifically aimed at identifying, treating and managing mid and lower back conditions. And if you’ve got back issues shouldn’t you trust them to somebody who specializes in their treatment?
We, at Navarre Chiropractic Clinic, can help you. Our treatments focus on the cause of your back pain to give you quicker pain relief AND reduce your chances of a lifetime of back problems.


Whether you have a pain in the neck or you find yourself being a pain in the neck, we can help you out (a great massage will help with the latter).

Neck pain is common. We expose it to a lot of abuse. We suffer accidents. And we have bad habits and techniques such as our posture. Add to all that the fact that the neck contains many delicate, pain sensitive structures and well, you’ve got neck pain.

Fortunately, chiropractic care will dramatically help most individuals suffering from neck problems Unlike prescription drugs, most chiropractic procedures address the cause of most neck problems, not simply the symptoms. Even more important, Navarre Chiropractic’s neck treatment and care is natural, noninvasive and performed by doctors that have spent years and years studying and treating neck issues.

Headaches and Migraines

Everybody, it seems, gets headaches. In fact, almost three-quarters of Americans suffer from occasional headaches and there are 150 different types of headaches, each with varying types and degrees of pain. Some people only experience pain in one part of their head or behind their eyes, some people experience a pounding sensation inside their whole head, and some people even experience nausea, while others do not. The pain may be dull or sharp and may last for anywhere from a few minutes to a few days. In other words, headaches can be as individual as we are.

What causes them? Well, that’s a long list but our body comes with many pain-sensitive structures and tissues including the skin, muscles, arteries, and the upper cervical and facial nerves that can produce headaches when irritated or injured. Headaches can also be caused by stress, muscle tension, and neck and back pain and injuries.
We can help. Chiropractic and acupuncture care can result in immediate relief for some headache sufferers as well as prevent unnecessary tension and/or irritation from building up in the neck and head.

Research studies have shown that chiropractic adjustments are very effective for treating headaches, especially tension headaches and those that originate in the neck. A report released in 2001 found that “spinal manipulation resulted in almost immediate improvement for those headaches that originate in the neck, and had significantly fewer side effects and longer-lasting relief of tension-type headache than commonly prescribed medications.”